CPA Canada’s 2016 Federal pre-budget submission (winter)

CPA Canada participated in the annual pre-budget consultations led by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. We submitted a brief to the committee with recommendations for the 2016 federal budget.

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CPA Canada recognizes that in recent months, global economic conditions have deteriorated and, as a result, Canada and other countries face significant challenges. While balancing the budget is always preferable to running a deficit, it is understandable for the federal government to consider short-term stimulus solutions to help grow the economy, especially during times of lingering economic uncertainty and fragility. However, the government’s agenda for economic growth must go hand-in-hand with a fiscal plan that is both prudent and responsible.

For our economy and Canadians to truly prosper, there are key measures that can be taken in addition to stimulus solutions to spark business, improve productivity, and create jobs and economic growth.

With this in mind, our pre-budget submission focused on three main themes:


There has not been a thorough review of Canada’s tax system since the Royal Commission on Taxation in the 1960s. Tax reform is needed to:

  • ensure a fairer and less complex system
  • contribute to economic growth
  • provide an internationally competitive tax system that benefits Canadian individuals and Canadian businesses, and attracts foreign investment


Canada’s prosperity is closely linked to creating jobs, growing trade opportunities and expanding markets. We are encouraged by the federal government’s trade agenda efforts, but we believe that current labour market challenges — particularly the integration of new Canadians — must be addressed to improve Canada’s international competitiveness and our future.


  • Canada’s ability to improve productivity is crucial for its competitiveness, economic prosperity and long-term growth. Our recommendations for boosting Canada’s productivity record include:
  • reducing unnecessary red tape
  • strengthening the financial literacy of Canadians
  • implementing a patent box regime
  • looking beyond innovation to other important factors
Download the brief to see our recommendations.