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CPA Canada: Enhancing member and stakeholder value

Learn about the many ways Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) supports Canada’s accounting profession to serve the best interests of its members and stakeholders.

The exceptional value CPA Canada brings to our members and stakeholders is driven by our solid commitment to enhancing the influence, success and reputation of Canada’s accounting profession within the business and financial community, both nationally and around the globe. We fulfil our commitment to our members by providing Canada’s accountants with the skills, resources and support they need to enhance their professional competence and career potential and, most importantly, meet their obligation to the public interest.

CPA Canada represents members in all sectors of the Canadian economy:

  • industry
  • public practice
  • not-for-profit (NFP)
  • government

CPA Canada also focuses on addressing the interests of its many stakeholders

These include:

  • Canada’s business, industry, governance and academic communities 
  • national and international standard setters
  • governments and regulators
  • the public

Key activities and achievements

To promote a strong and unified accounting profession in Canada and internationally, and to optimally serve the needs of its members and stakeholders, CPA Canada engages in the following activities:

  • developing programs and a marketing strategy, and supporting infrastructure to launch the CPA designation across Canada
  • creating national and global recognition of the value of the new profession and Canada’s CPAs
  • integrating the resources and expertise of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, Certified General Accountants of Canada and Certified Management Accountants of Canada into CPA Canada
  • keeping members informed through CPA Magazine and enewsletters
  • providing products, services, resources and education to members across all disciplines, sectors and career stages
  • contributing to accounting standard setting in Canada and worldwide
  • advocating for the public and the profession on Parliament Hill on matters relating to accounting, tax, business, capital markets and related public interest issues