CPA Canada’s technology advisory committee (TAC) is here to help

The TAC provides guidance and advice on existing and emerging technology-related matters affecting the CPA profession and business community. Learn about the committee’s key activities and how they support CPAs.


  • support CPA Canada in producing thought leadership, awareness and guidance by identifying, researching, commenting and advising on existing and emerging technology-related issues and opportunities that affect the accounting profession
  • perform due diligence activities on CPA Canada publications related to technology
  • participate in CPA Canada’s responses to national and international developments related to technology that could impact the accounting profession
  • collaborate with other CPA Canada departments, staff and volunteer groups, and provincial CPA bodies on technology-related projects
  • provide guidance to CPA Canada on technology skills needed for the future of the accounting profession, including pre-qualification and post-qualification guidance, training and support

Through this work, CPA Canada:

  • acts in the public interest
  • supports our members
  • contributes to Canada’s economic and social development


TAC membership is comprised of professionals with expertise, experience and an interest in technology as it affects the CPA Profession, including members from:

  • industry
  • accounting and information technology (IT) consulting firms
  • academia

Committee members:

  • Maura O’Shea, CPA, CA (Chair)
  • Amy Churchill, CPA, CA
  • Daniel Zbacnik, CPA, CA
  • Davinder Valeri, CPA, CA (CPA Canada)
  • Diane Lee Sousa, CPA, CMA
  • John Muffolini, CPA, CA
  • Julean Albidone
  • Malik Datardina, CPA, CA, CISA
  • Marvin Burnett, CPA, CMA
  • Michael Kravshik, CPA, CA
  • Michael Wong, CPA, CA (CPA Canada)
  • Phil Moreau, CPA (Delaware), CISA
  • Steve Soychak, CPA, CMA
  • Will Buckley, CPA (Australia)

For more information about the committee or its resources, please contact:

Michael Wong, CPA, CA
Principal, Technology, Research, Guidance & Support