Small and medium-sized practitioners advisory committee (SMPAC)

The SMPAC supports CPA Canada by identifying and addressing the needs of small to medium-sized practitioners, including sole practitioners, with insights on assurance, advisory and practice management issues (excluding tax).

The SMPAC supports CPA Canada in its mission and vision by:

  • producing thought leadership, awareness and guidance on current issues and emerging opportunities that affect small and medium-sized practitioners (SMPs) who provide assurance and business advisory services (excluding tax)
  • providing guidance to CPA Canada on the skills SMPs will need for the future, including post-qualification training and development (excluding tax)

Through this work, the SMPAC helps CPA Canada enhance the influence, relevance and value of the CPA profession by acting in the public interest, supporting members and contributing to Canada’s economic and social development. Please note there is a separate committee called CPA Canada Small and Medium Practitioner Tax Committee which identifies and addresses tax issues that affect SMPs.


The SMPAC consists of two specific task forces:

  • the Assurance Task Force assists SMPs in performing efficient, effective and compliant assurance engagements
  • the Advisory Task Force focuses help SMPs in offering business advisory services

To learn more about what this committee does, view the terms of reference.


Assurance task force


Richa Khanna, CPA, CA, LPA, CA (India)
Partner, Baker Tilly Vaughan LLP


Jane M. Bowen, FCPA, FCA
OntarioTech University

Jason Brunner, CPA, CA
Manager, Pivotal Chartered Professional Accountants

Josee Delli Colli, CPA, CA
Vice-President, Richter LLP

Soo-Ling Huang, CPA, CA, CFP
Director, Professional Practice, Crowe Soberman LLP

Simon Salole, CPA, CA, LPA
Partner, Millards Chartered Professional Accountants

Stephen V Shupe, CPA, CA
Partner, Shupe & Company Chartered Professional Accountants

Advisory task force


Jules Hawkins, CPA, CA
Partner, Hawkins & Co. Accounting

Susan McIsaac, FCPA, FCA
Partner, McIsaac Darragh Chartered Professional Accountants


Brenda Burgess, FCPA, FCMA
President and Managing Partner, Burgess & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants

Chad Davis, CPA, CMA, MBA
Partner, LiveCA

Amir Fathollahzadeh, CPA, CA, MBA
Partner, Shimmerman Penn LLP

Debbie Gorsline, FCPA, FCMA
Partner, Anderson Gorsline Chartered Professional Accountants

Dave (Devender) S. Minhas, CPA, CA, CBV
Managing Partner, Pivotal Chartered Professional Accountants

Alex Wong, CPA, CA, CBV
Partner, Smythe LLP

Staff liaisons

Taryn Abate, CPA, CA
Director, Audit and Assurance

Ismail Akhter, CPA, CA
Lead Principal, Member in Practice, Audit and Assurance and Reporting

Mandeep Bains, CPA, CA
Principal, Audit and Assurance

Romy Waxman, CPA, CA
Principal, Small and Medium-size Practices