Susan Moellers, CPA Canada board member

As a member of the CPA Canada Board of Directors, Susan Moellers helps CPA Canada achieve its key objectives, and provides direction for the governance and management of the organization.

Susan Moellers, FCPA, FCMA

Education and qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts, 1981
  • Master of Business Administration, 1983
  • Certified Management Accountant, 1988
  • Chartered Director 2012, Audit Committee Certified 2011, HR and Compensation Committee Certified 2013


During the first half of her career at Scotiabank, Susan held progressively senior roles in finance and risk management, culminating in the lead position with the international finance team. She then fulfilled a number of special-project assignments in international banking, taking leadership roles in mergers and acquisitions, the implementation of a shared services organization and the development/execution of Scotiabank’s leadership strategy. In her last role at Scotiabank, as vice-president and comptroller, Susan built a finance function dedicated to supporting HR, Marketing and Communications.

Susan maintains a close connection with McMaster University through her participation in the MBA mentoring program, where she actively mentors new CPAs, and with Queen’s University as a member of the Queen’s Council. Throughout her career at Scotiabank, she supported diversity and inclusion via membership of the Advancement of Women Steering Committee and International Banking Leadership Steering Committee.

Very active in her community, Susan participates regularly in various fundraising activities. Susan also served on the CMA Ontario Board for eight years, in various committee chair roles and as chair of the board. During the profession’s unification discussions, Susan held one of the lead roles, where she displayed her true commitment to the unification process of the accounting profession. She then joined the CPA Ontario Council, where she served as chair and initiated governance reform to better serve the new organization.