Marcel Vienneau, CPA Canada board member

As a public director of the CPA Canada board, Marcel Vienneau brings a unique perspective that helps CPA Canada achieve our key objectives, and provides governance and management direction.

Marcel Vienneau, BBA

Education and qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Université de Moncton, 1984


Marcel joined the CPA Canada Board of Directors in January 2013.

He is the CEO of Hybrid Paytech World and co-founder of Mobi724 Solutions. A visionary, an enthusiast and an innovator, Marcel has repeatedly propelled new disruptive technologies to global markets.

With an impressive track record that includes over 18 years of experience in the loyalty rewards industry, and more than seven years in payment transaction-based models and mobile wallet solutions, Marcel has been recognized for his deep expertise, strong visionary leadership, and proven ability to deliver results. He is a highly focused entrepreneur with experience in Canada, the United States, Asia Pacific, Mexico and South America.

In 2009, Marcel was named a TOP 10 Technology Entrepreneur in Québec by MIT Sloan– Massachusetts Institute of Technology / EDP and Entrepreneurship Center and the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship.

He served as a public representative on CMA Canada’s Governance Committee (2007-2009), as a public director on the CMA Canada National Board of Directors (2010-2012) and as a trustee member for the CMA Canada Research Foundation in 2011.