CPA Canada’s 2016 federal pre-budget submission (summer)

CPA Canada participated in the annual pre-budget consultations led by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. We submitted a brief to the committee with recommendations for the 2017 federal budget.

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Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) provided the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance with the following recommendations for the 2017 federal budget:

  1. Responsible fiscal management: the federal government should strive to balance the budget by the end of its current mandate and outline its plan to ensure fiscally responsible investments in core public infrastructure that are focussed on longer-term goals
  2. Tax reform: undertake a comprehensive review of the tax system that is guided by several key principles and outcomes
  3. Enhancing skills and education: integrate internationally trained professionals into the workplace as soon as possible; meet the goals and priorities outlined in the National Strategy for Financial Literacy; and allocate adequate funding to Canada’s First Nations to ensure equal access to education opportunities so they can participate in a growing, productive and competitive economy
  4. Innovation and adaptation: enhance the SR&ED tax credit program; implement a patent box to incent R&D in Canada and encourage Canadian businesses to develop, commercialize and retain patents in Canada; and adopt Standardized Business Reporting using XBRL across all government departments and agencies

Please download our submission to see our recommendations in full.


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