Household debt and wealth

CPA Canada tracks and reports on household debt and wealth in order to help Canadians think critically about how to save more, spend less and reduce debt. This work also highlights options policy-makers may consider to improve household financial well-being.

Our report on household debt examines Canadians’ perceptions of their financial position in light of significant economic uncertainty and compares those perceptions to publicly available statistical measures.

Wealth is an overarching source of an individual’s financial security and well-being. Our economic research will give you insights on households’ attitudes to accumulating and managing wealth.

Deleveraging and shifting from consumption to savings may be expected of households in the aftermath of an economic recession. Our research provides insights on how households’ borrowing and savings habits adjusted to the new economic reality.

For many Canadians, the magnitude of the 2008 financial crisis served to mark a sharp contrast in their financial well-being “before” and “after” the economic meltdown. Our economic research provides insights on households’ use of financing in the midst of the most recent recession.

A long period of economic prosperity in the 1990s and early 2000s may have lulled household awareness of risks associated with debt run up. Our economic research provides insights on the level of household debt and perils associated with it as they were on the brink of the most recent recession.


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