About our economic and policy research

Learn about CPA Canada’s economic and policy research. We provide impartial analysis into current and emerging issues that extend beyond accounting matters to help better society and strengthen the Canadian economy.

As the national body of the accounting profession, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) plays a leading and influential role in public policy issues that affect the broad public interest.


Our economic and policy research aims to:

  • create dialogue among:
    • governments
    • senior Canadian leaders
    • other stakeholders
  • enhance abilities of Canadians and businesses to deal with important issues

We communicate the results of our research through a variety of channels, and support CPA Canada’s public engagement on subjects related to our economic and policy analysis. By sharing knowledge, we heighten public awareness of important issues and influence policy through an intellectual argument rather than lobbying. We believe that by sharing expertise and knowledge, CPA Canada contributes to building a better economy and society, and serves the interests of all Canadians.


We are passionate about the objectivity and quality of our research. Excellence, relevance, impartiality and integrity are the key principles underlying our economic and policy research initiatives.


CPA Canada is inspired to provide high-quality thought leadership, and be a valued contributor effecting positive change in the economy and society.


CPA Canada research is focused on the key issues of the day. It:

  • engages and informs
  • offers new perspectives
  • stimulates interest
  • strengthens audiences’ capacity


CPA Canada’s research is impartial to stakeholders’ and groups’ interests, and is carried out in a methodologically sound and evidence-based manner.


CPA Canada undertakes economic and policy research in an honest and transparent manner with no compromise to research methodologies or conclusions.


We currently focus on two broad areas that are of key importance to the collective well-being of Canadians:

  • household finances
  • productivity and competitiveness


Elena Simonova
Principal, Research and Policy
CPA Canada
Ph: 613-751-3715