Canada Revenue Agency: 2015 Innovation Award finalist

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) was nominated for this award for its innovative approach to project portfolio management and long-term investment processes.


The CRA’s Strategic Investment, Planning and Oversight Division (SIPOD) team demonstrated initiative and innovation in the implementation of and continuous improvements to the Agency’s project portfolio management and long-term investment planning processes.

The SIPOD team designed comprehensive reporting mechanisms to facilitate the regular flow of information from the project offices to senior management and successfully integrated expertise from interested stakeholders into the process. Tracking and feedback mechanisms were created to better monitor current projects and improve future ones. In addition, the SIPOD team implemented and refined a 10-year Strategic Investment Plan process, which improved the management of the CRA’s investments by ensuring alignment between government and CRA priorities and capacity.

In each of these cases, the financial management of major projects for the CRA has been enhanced, providing senior management with better information, improved decision-making ability and greater oversight capacity.


(in alphabetical order)

David Blaney
Resource Management Project Leader

Jamie Byvelds
Resource Management Officer

Richard Case
Director General, Resource Management Directorate (April 2009 to October 2014)

Andrew Cornell
Resource Management Project Leader

Tessie Douglas
Resource Management Project Leader

Lara Gonzalez
Resource Management Analyst

Mona Hajjar
Finance Committee Secretariat Liaison

Martin Hébert
Manager, SIPOD B

Jeff Lamarche
Resource Management Analyst

Benoît Lapointe
Resource Management Project Leader

Jeff Ogborne
Resource Management Project Leader

Tracy Patrick
Resource Management Project Leader

Rachelle Reilly
Director, SIPOD

Kevin Stuckless
Manager, SIPOD C

Laurel Suess-Kinatowski
Manager, SIPOD A

Shilan Taheri
Resource Management Officer

Karen Tan
Advisor to the Director

Jocelyn Trépanier
Resource Management Project Leader

Shaun Turner
Manager, SIPOD A