CPA Canada recognizes Claude Rochette with Award of Excellence

Claude Rochette is the winner of the 2015 Award of Excellence in Public Sector Financial Management: Financial Leadership (CFO). He was nominated for exemplary performance in his previous role at the Canada Border Services Agency.


Claude Rochette was nominated for the award for his work as vice president, Comptrollership Branch and chief financial officer at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Rochette developed a multi-year transformational plan to fundamentally strengthen the organization’s financial management and enhanced the Branch’s role as a strategic enabler and steward. It included enhancing core capacity, strengthening financial management capacity, improving strategic resource management and renewing infrastructure management.

He is also credited with having taken an active leadership role in the implementation of the Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP) and playing a central role in the Beyond the Border Action Plan, which committed Canada and the U.S. to make significant investments in trade and traveller facilitation, border infrastructure, law enforcement and national security.

Rochette’s legacy at CBSA includes:
  • reducing the CBSA lapse of over $400 million to less than $100 million estimated for 2014-2015
  • the CBSA being the first large department to close DRAP
  • distributing budget allocations to the cost centre level (from late summer to April 1)
  • implementing a new business model for renewing infrastructure