CPA Canada Volunteer Awards winners

View the winners of our first annual CPA Canada Volunteer Awards.

Congratulations to our winners for their outstanding contributions and significant impact to the accounting profession!

Award winners

Peter R. Norwood, FCPA, FCA, FCMA

Category: Education

Peter has demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership in the development of the profession's education and certification program. He served on the Strategic Leadership Committee, and also sat on the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) committee, which was responsible for development of the ACAF program. Peter is chair of CPA Canada’s Board of Examiners (BOE), and is responsible for the development and marking of 26 examinations a year (core, elective and CFE). With Peter’s leadership, the new CPA profession has an examination process that has met the expectations of all stakeholders, including the Ontario Public Accountants Council (PAC) standard for licensure.

David Duong, CPA, CMA

Category: Financial Literacy

David has many years of extensive experience in finance and investments. As a member of CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program, David has dedicated many hours to helping mentor new volunteers, and has provided outreach to new organizations, creating partnerships all across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including many public libraries in low income areas. David is a past member of the Financial Literacy Advisory Board, and presently acts as an area leader, helping to coordinate various program sessions across the GTA.

Penelope Woolford, FCPA, FCA

Category: Tax

Penelope has been recognized in the tax community for her contribution to tax education, and for her impact on legislative changes relating to the foreign affiliate rules. She has led many of the submissions by CPA Canada’s Joint Committee on Taxation, for which she was also chair. During her tenure as chair, Penelope also became chair of the Canadian Tax Foundation, an association whose founding members are from both CPA Canada and the Canadian Bar Association. Penelope was instrumental in supporting/starting the
Women in Tax events for the Canadian Tax Foundation, and in supporting its mentorship program.

Nicola M. Young, FCPA, FCA

Category: Standards

Nicola served as vice-chair of the Public Sector Accounting and Auditing Committee (PSAAC), the predecessor to the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB). PSAB serves the public interest by establishing accounting standards for the public sector, and provides guidance for financial and other performance information reported by the public sector. Nicola has additionally served as the chair of the Government Reporting Model Task Force, a group that developed a conceptual framework and new reporting model for the public sector. She was also a member of PSAB’s task force on sale-leaseback, and is currently an active member of the Conceptual Framework Task Force.

Karyn Brooks, FCPA, FCA

Category: Research and Guidance

Karyn has had measurable impact both nationally and internationally over the years. She has contributed her expertise to CPA Canada’s Research, Guidance and Support group on a wide range of strategically important projects and activities in financial reporting. She has acted as chair of the International Federation of Accountants’ Professional Accountants in Business (PAIB) Committee's business reporting task force, and was instrumental in developing a wealth of resources and guidance related to regulatory reporting, with a focus on Management’s Discussion & Analysis (MD&A). This includes CPA Canada’s well-recognized MD&A Guide that exploring the processes and content that resulted in a useful MD&A for investors. Karyn also developed the concept of a “simplified report” for use by public organizations.

Leo Gallant, FCPA, FCA

Category: Lifetime

Leo has influenced a great number of undergraduate students and professional accounting candidates over a 43-year teaching career. Prior to unification, he served on the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)’s Board of Evaluation, the syllabus sub-committee and the Academic Advisory Group. Leo now serves as a member of CPA Canada’s Board of Governors, as well as CPA Canada’s Education and Qualifications Advisory Committee.

Leo was chair of the syllabus sub-committee during the period of change from the small (short) syllabus to the much more detailed (big) syllabus. The committee created a syllabus that reflected the knowledge and skills required by an accountant that could be used to create a world-class professional examination and would be acceptable to academics.

Leo leveraged his academic credibility and examination experience with the Board of Evaluators and his astute political skills to successfully navigate those waters. The end result was a world-class document that was used by examiners, candidates, UFE preparation programs and academics. The current CPA Canada competency map retains the fundamental aspects of that first "big" syllabus so it has stood the test of time.

Leo's considerable political skills and pragmatic approach have served the profession well when dealing with international accounting bodies for the last twelve years. Leo embodies the principle of self-sacrifice, volunteers for the right reasons and commits to any project or position he takes on.

Leo also wrote the history of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia for their 100th year celebration.

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