CPA Canada Volunteer Awards nominees: Financial literacy

Find out who was nominated for going above and beyond in financial literacy.

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This award is given to a volunteer with CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program who has demonstrated a commitment to providing exceptional financial education in their community. It recognizes a volunteer who has gone above and beyond in promoting financial literacy, mentoring new volunteers and showing a dedication to furthering our program.

The winner will be announced at the CPA Canada Volunteer Awards Gala in Toronto on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.


Darrin Jay Ambrose, CPA, CMA

University of Calgary
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

From an early age, Darrin’s parents taught him that his education would take him wherever he wanted to go...and that when he got there, he should never forget where he came from. It was with this life lesson that he truly hit his stride. After completing an undergraduate degree in accounting, he went on to pursue a master’s degree at the same time as obtaining his accounting designation. He knew that a strong education would open any doors that he encountered. After 15 years in industry, he decided to make a move into academics, where he could give back, have an impact and leave a mark on the next generation. In his role at the University of Calgary, he has had countless opportunities to give back to the student population and be an advocate for the kind of career and life people can have as an accountant. His passion lies in leaving his city, workplace and profession in a better place when he leaves than when he arrived.

Trudy Brodner, CPA, CMA

Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader

Trudy has more than 30 years of accounting experience, with over 20 years spent in large international oil and gas corporations in Calgary. While in the industry, she worked in a variety of functions and departments, including treasury, internal audit and non-operating accounting, and worked on projects including a multibillion-dollar refinery conversion and a major divestitures project.

Trudy spent six years in a law firm overseeing the entire accounting department, which handled billings, payables, receivables, monthly financials, trust accounts and preparation of annual tax information submissions on the partnership.

For several years, she worked independently as a financial advisor, which involved building financial plans for customers and selling insurance and mutual fund products. Currently, Trudy is semi-retired, working part-time as an accounting consultant and offering her expertise as a volunteer with the Financial Literacy Program.

Linda Cyr, CPA, CGA

Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

An accountant since 1985, Linda spent most of her career in a major property and casualty insurance company. Combining team management with the pursuit of enhanced performance, she often worked on improving processes and automating controls. Now working as a consultant, she is active in her community, volunteering with children who have academic difficulties. Becoming involved with CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program was an easy decision for her.

Kim Deep, CPA, CMA

Business by Numbers Ltd.
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader

Kim is a successful entrepreneur and CPA. She has over 25 years of experience in the accounting industry and has also been involved in professional and personal workshop development and delivery since 2005. In 2007, she founded Business by Numbers from her passion to help business owners and individuals learn about money and how it can work for them, and how they can get what they want in life. By developing a financial system that can be applied to all industries, Kim has grown her accounting services business into a global operation and today her 10+ team members serve clients from offices in Edmonton, Germany and Mexico.

Kim attended the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and completed a two-year business administration program and then continued on to become an accountant. She worked with the school board for several years before choosing to move more into public service to share her passion with others.

David Duong, CPA, CMA

Freedom 55 Financial
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader, Financial Literacy Advisory Board

David is a dedicated professional with over 16 years of experience in finance and investments. He is a trusted family wealth advisor and estate planning expert. He provides wealth enhancement strategies to business owners, career-driven professionals, retirees and new Canadians who want to have peace of mind that they are on track to meet their goals. He is seen as the go-to person for trusted financial wisdom and education because of his emphasis on cutting-edge retirement and tax-planning strategies. David’s practice focuses on four core pillars of financial management: wealth creation, tax minimization, retirement income and estate transferring solutions. David is an active member of CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program. As an area leader, he coordinates various programs across the greater Toronto area with his team of volunteers and is an active speaker at these events, having successfully completed well over 50 speaking engagements to date.

Patrick Kenney, CPA, CA

Parker Simone LLP
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Patrick joined Parker Simone in 2005. The engaging office culture, people and work experiences have kept him there for more than 10 years. At Parker Simone, he has worked on a wide variety of assignments: public company audits, public offering transactions, investment industry audits, not-for-profit audits, and ASPE audits and reviews of privately owned businesses. As a senior manager, he oversees staff training and professional development programs, and contributes to various IT initiatives, the newly minted social media committee, and business development activities.Outside of work, he’s involved in two volunteer positions. As part of CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program, he gives presentations at schools, libraries and local businesses. As part of the Adult Literacy Program at the YMCA, he helps students build life skills for upward social mobility. He’s also an avid runner and enjoys participating in organized runs across the greater Toronto area.

Brian A. Ludwig, CPA, CMA

Ludwig Agresearch Consulting Ltd./Brian Ludwig, CPA Prof. Corp.
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader

Brian was raised on a farm near Lampman, Saskatchewan, and went to university to study agriculture. After graduating, he returned to the farm and started an agricultural consulting and research firm. Over the next few years, his career began to shift from crop consulting to farm financial and tax consulting. He began providing extensive farm management courses for a variety of organizations over the next 10 years, teaching topics that included farm management, computers, tax and estate planning, succession planning and financial management. After building his tax practice, he started to work on his CMA designation, which he completed in 2008. He continues to work in public practice, focusing on accounting, tax preparation, U.S. taxes, mortgage brokering and financial planning.

His diverse experience, training and background provide him with a broad-based expertise to contribute to CPA Canada's Financial Literacy Program. Brian has been working with local Regina organizations to deliver workshops in financial planning, small business financial planning and estate planning.

Lisa Matthews, CPA, CGA

Primerica Financial Services Ltd.
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader

Lisa is a regional leader with Primerica Financial Services Ltd. She also volunteers with CPA Canada's Financial Literacy Program.

For over 25 years, Lisa has been developing her skills in both financial services and accounting in numerous organizations, including Imperial Oil, Suncor, Shell, London Life, Sun Life, RBC Royal Bank, TD Financial Services, NOLA Accounting and Tax Services, and the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

At work, Lisa is passionate about building strong, enduring relationships with families based on trust, kindness and honesty. She helps them identify their short- and long-term dreams and develop customized solutions to obtain financial security. As a CPA Financial Literacy volunteer, Lisa is dedicated to sharing her knowledge to improve financial literacy of all Canadians.

Lisa holds CPA, FCCA (Fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) designations and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (finance and accounting) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Anne Isabelle Perrault, CPA, CA

Perrault & Associates
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

Anne graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in accounting from the University of Ottawa (1993) and received her accounting designation in 1995 and, subsequently, her Trustee in Bankruptcy–Quebec/CIRP (1998) and Trustee in Bankruptcy–Ontario (2001) credentials.

Anne started her career as an accountant and quickly realized that auditing was not her lifelong dream but definitely a step in advancing her financial education. She then furthered her learning by specializing as a chartered insolvency and restructuring professional, with expertise in the management of for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. These career experiences revealed that her true passion was in helping people personally with their finances — guiding and empowering them to reach their life goals, especially their financial life goals.

Over the last 20 years, Anne has delighted in knowing that when clients meet with her — courageously making a commitment to their financial well-being — they leave that meeting with a smile and a lighter heart. She loves seeing how the people she has coached are on a path to financial freedom.

Harold Reiter, CPA, CA

Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

Harold graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in 1977 and joined EY (Clarkson Gordon). After receiving his accounting designation, he specialized in corporate recovery and was admitted to the partnership. Harold left public accounting after 21 years to pursue opportunities in industry.

First he joined CIT Financial (formerly Newcourt Credit) as executive vice-president, responsible for managing the company’s distressed loan portfolio and then its Canadian operations.

In 2001, he became CEO of Maxxcom Communications Inc., a publicly traded marketing and communications company operating in Canada, the United States and United Kingdom.

In 2003, Harold became president of Barrett Corporation, a family-owned holding company with various business interests in wholesale distribution. In that role, he was primarily responsible for developing and implementing a successful corporate recovery strategy.

In 2009, Harold led a management buyout of Servantage Dixie Sales Inc. (formerly Dixie Sales Company Inc.), a North Carolina-based distribution and after-sales service support provider, operating across the United States and Canada. The enterprise enjoyed considerable growth and improved profitability that led to a strategic sale of the business in 2015.

Harold currently provides consultancy services on an advisory basis to a number of businesses.

Donna Salvati, CPA, CA

Oligny Salvati Inc.
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader, Financial Literacy Advisory Board

Donna is the founder and senior partner of the CPA firm Oligny Salvati Inc. She has over 30 years of experience consulting on money matters, and has given numerous lectures and written several articles on the subject. She has been a guest on a local radio station to discuss matters on how to start your own business. In 2015, she was the recipient of the Quebec CPA Award of Excellence – Community Service.

Donna has been the area leader for the Laurentians area since August 2015 and is a member of the CPA Canada 2016 Financial Literacy Advisory Board.

Between 2013 and 2016, she was treasurer of the Théâtre du Marais de Val-Morin, where she put a great deal of energy into the construction of the new theatre in 2014, performing both the duties of her office and those of the president when he became ill. She was given the title of honorary member in June 2016 for her service and commitment to the organization.

Her passion, dedication and desire to help others are reflected in everything she does.

Lawrence Short, CPA, CGA

HollisWealth, a division of Scotia Capital Inc.
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

Larry was born and raised in Newfoundland. He was an unlikely candidate to enter the wealth management industry but scholarships, student loans and hard work brought him to where he is today. Larry graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1981 and earned his professional accounting designation in 1988, becoming a portfolio manager in 2011. Less than four per cent of investment advisors in Canada have been awarded the portfolio manager license. In his 28-year career, Larry has been employed as a vice-president at RBC Dominion Securities and TD Waterhouse. In 2008, he moved to HollisWealth as an executive director of the Private Client Group and portfolio manager, providing financial planning and investment advice based in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Larry has authored two books, published numerous articles and been featured on CBC and Business News Network on many occasions.

Jessica Sliz, CPA, CMA

BC Clinical and Support Services
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Area Leader, Financial Literacy Advisory Board

Jessica has been an accountant since October 2010. She has worked in various industries for seven years, the last two as an operational project manager with a financial and client focus. She had never really thought much about volunteering because she was always so busy. She would often ask people how they find the time to volunteer. Now, she believes that when you're passionate about something, like volunteering, it isn’t work — it’s fun, exciting and somehow you just make the time for it. With this mindset, she became involved in various volunteer opportunities with CPA Canada. Most recently, her volunteering efforts have been focused on the Burnaby chapter of CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy Program.

Jennifer Sparks, CPA, CGA

Grant Thornton LLP
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer

Lisa Zamparo, CPA, CA

LZ Financial Services
Committee(s): Financial Literacy Volunteer, Financial Literacy Advisory Board

Lisa is a financial strategist and lifestyle optimist in Toronto. She combines her skills as a CPA, business coach and personal finance expert to help people make intentional decisions with their money. As a one-on-one coach, her personalized approach to financial coaching helps her clients achieve their goals by aligning their spending with their priorities. As an inspirational educator, Lisa leads workshops that infuse mindfulness principles with financial concepts delivered in a fun and approachable style.

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