TELUS wins Award of Excellence in Corporate Governance Disclosure

For the 23rd consecutive year, TELUS stepped into the winner’s circle with outstanding reporting that included top-of-class corporate governance disclosures.

TELUS’ disclosures were extremely specific, highlighting company achievements, actions and responsibilities of the board, and business-specific corporate governance strategies. Charts were used effectively to enhance readability.

The corporation recognized the role of other stakeholders and took into account how they were impacted by the company’s operations. Judges awarded top marks for utilizing innovative and novel practices, tailoring its disclosures specifically to its circumstances and outlining forward-looking governance strategy. 

Judges were impressed with disclosure of in-camera sessions with auditors present. Risk management practices were impressive, particularly the inclusion of fraud monitoring in the board’s mandate. The circular disclosed well-developed and firm-specific principles for business conduct.

The CEO’s responsibility for corporate goals and objectives were clearly listed and had board approval. In addition, continuing education opportunities for board members were explained in detail and an effective visual listed the educational opportunities board members had attended.

TELUS distinguished itself with a detailed code of ethics and conduct. It was nicely formatted which allowed readers to easily identify the key points.

For more information, see the 2017 Judges’ Book.