Awards of Excellence in Corporate Reporting: 2017 Judges’ Book

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CPA Canada is proud to recognize the companies and Crown organizations that continue to raise the bar on high-quality corporate reporting.

The 2017 Judges’ Book profiles the award-winning companies and offers insight into leading practices in corporate reporting and performance. 


Platinum awards

Four awards were presented to the top entrants that demonstrated exemplary quality in each of the judging categories:

  • financial reporting
  • corporate governance disclosure
  • electronic disclosure
  • sustainability reporting

Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence were presented to four publicly listed companies in each of the judging categories. Entrants were assessed on criteria that reflected current best practices and innovation.

  • Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting
  • Award of Excellence in Corporate Governance Disclosure
  • Award of Excellence in Electronic Disclosure
  • Award of Excellence in Sustainability Reporting

Gold and silver awards: Crown organizations

Two gold and five silver awards were presented to Crown organizations in the financial reporting category. Entrants were assessed on:

  • the effectiveness of their disclosures in outlining the organization’s objectives and strategy
  • their capability of delivering results
  • their high-quality Management’s Discussion and Analysis

Gold and silver awards: Publicly listed companies

Two gold and 14 silver awards were presented to the publicly listed entrants that demonstrated outstanding performance and achieved a high average score across the four judging categories.