CPA Canada Annual Report 2014-2015: Contributing to economic and social development

This section of the 2014-2015 annual report highlights the various ways CPA Canada contributes to economic and social development.

As an organization representing more than 190,000 professionals with a passion for doing what is right for both businesses and communities, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada) is committed to enhancing the overall economic and social fabric of Canada. We do this by building strong relationships with other thought leaders in business, finance and government, and with influential regulators, academics and not-for-profit organizations, to provide information, ideas and inspiration. We believe that through collaboration we can contribute to a Canadian knowledge philanthropy bank that will help elevate the collective prospects of individual Canadians and ensure a sustainable future for Canada.

    non-retired household savings
  • Investing in knowledge philanthropy and finding ways to contribute to Canada’s economic and social development: 2014-2015 initiatives included our new Knowledge Philanthropy group, defining ethical frameworks, encouraging entrepreneurialism, and aboriginal support.
  • Helping Canadians understand how to manage their money:  In 2014, CPA Canada was honoured with a prestigious EIFLE (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) award and named Organization of the Year, Non-profit, by the U.S.-based Institute for Financial Literacy.
  • Household finances in Canada report: In light of falling oil prices and other signs of a weakening economy, CPA Canada commissioned a public opinion poll of 1,500 Canadian adults in the winter of 2015.