CPA Canada Annual Report 2014-2015: Acting in the public interest

This section of the 2014-2015 annual report highlights the various ways CPA Canada acts in the public interest.

Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada), through its predecessor organizations, has a long history rooted in commitment to activities that benefit Canadians, businesses and the country.

We fund the development of Canadian accounting and assurance standards and the work of the independent standard-setting boards and oversight councils that have long made Canadian capital markets safe, transparent and the envy of countries around the world.

We develop guidance and practice documents that help ensure Canadian businesses and other organizations thrive. And we ensure that Canadians have access to the learning tools that provide them with the information they need to better manage their finances and prosper in today’s economy.

  • supporting standard setting and implementation: CPA Canada is a vital supporter of standard-setting in Canada and globally.
  • protecting our capital markets and economy: CPA Canada leads a variety of collaborative initiatives that aim to defend and strengthen the nation’s economy and finances.
  • improving Canada’s tax system:  Our formal collaboration agreement with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), signed in November, heralded a new era of greater co-operation and collaboration. Seven joint CRA-CPA committees established under the agreement now serve as constructive forums for working together on a broad range of issues of common interest.
CRA CPA Joint Committees