CPA Canada Annual Report 2015-2016

The theme for this year’s annual report is Transition to Transformation. Learn how CPA Canada worked to complete the unification process and continued building a strong foundation for the future.

Management’s Discussion and Analysis

CPA Canada’s goals are transformational. We are working toward our mission by building our unique purpose into all of our work. That means we must understand the trends shaping the future of business and accounting, focus on the relevant priorities, and maintain our standard of excellence. This will ensure CPA Canada is recognized as a leading voice for the business and accounting profession in Canada and internationally.

How CPA Canada manages the five major drivers of change

Globalization Trust and regulation Brand and reputation Technology

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Letters from outgoing CEO, current CEO and Chair

Image of Kevin Dancey, Joy Thomas and Alain Côté.

Read the introductory letters from Kevin Dancey, Joy Thomas and Alain Côté.

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Our operating environment

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This section identifies risks to CPA Canada’s strategy and provides a risk management approach.

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Our financial performance

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The financial performance section includes a detailed analysis of revenues and expenses.


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