Business growth and innovation

CPAs advise businesses on opportunities for growth and resilience. Drawing on that experience, CPA Canada contributes to public policy that will grow a modern, sustainable, competitive, knowledge-based economy.

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To maintain Canada’s enviable quality of life in the face of rapid change and aging demographics, our economy – and by extension, Canada’s businesses – must become more innovative, more productive and more competitive.

Canada’s CPAs are working every day to build value for their clients and employers, to identify new business opportunities, and to improve efficiency and competitiveness. This business knowledge, drawn from all sectors of the economy, makes innovation and the challenges of scaling up business, natural areas of public policy for CPA Canada.

Our areas of interest include:

  • policies and regulations that support the adoption of data-driven business applications, while protecting Canadians’ privacy and security  
  • policies and programs to promote business investment and sustainable growth
  • policies and programs that support research and development and, the commercialization of innovation
  • policies and programs that encourage and support Canadian businesses to expand internationally
  • an efficient and coherent regulatory environment for business