Generation Z: How do we engage Canada’s youngest and most tech-savvy generation?

As the first generation to be encompassed in the age of the internet and social media, what issues do Canada’s youngest workers care about and what are they looking for in their careers?

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The world is full of economic and social uncertainties. Technological change is happening at an accelerating pace and geopolitical and business challenges abound.

Canada’s youngest generation is now beginning to enter the workforce and will need to find a way to navigate these difficult economic waters.

A key question for business leaders today is, how do we engage this generation? This is the first to grow up during the internet and social media age, and will invariably comprise a significant share of the workforce. What issues do they care about and what are they looking for from their careers?

In parallel to an international survey and before the pandemic, CPA Canada polled young Canadians from across the country to provide insight into their views on policy issues and careers.