Income inequality in Canada: The urban gap

Canada is facing a number of pressing social concerns. From inequality to precarious employment, these issues are a serious concern for our standard of living and are a focus for CPA Canada’s policy research.

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Rising income inequality continues to be an economic, social and political concern both internationally and here in Canada. Inequality may have only risen modestly, on average, across the country, but economic forces continue to concentrate both income and wealth among Canada’s richest. This represents a serious concern for our country’s standard of living — high levels of inequality can be a substantial barrier to future economic growth. 

But inequality is not evenly felt throughout the country. We delved into some of the overall trends of inequality in Canada before breaking down where we see the fastest increases occurring on a city-by-city level.

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Learn more about inequality in Canada, including how:

  • income inequality has risen modestly over time in Canada
  • increases in inequality are heavily concentrated in our most populous cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary
  • rising inequality is not exclusive to just these four cities, but it is clearly an urban problem
  • this has implications for how we need to tackle this problem