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Webinar: What I would tell my younger self

Time flies, and in our fast-paced world, many important lessons can go right over our heads. Establishing strong financial goals and habits early in life is key to avoiding a trip back in time to talk some sense into your younger self.

In the world of money, learning opportunities are plentiful, but oftentimes these chances to learn and grow can easily pass us by. What can you do today to ensure your future self never travels back in time to warn you of a poorly planned financial journey? Hear from a professional CPA about the greatest money lessons we sometimes don’t learn until it’s too late and get ready to chart a course for financial success. 

Jointly Presented By:

Proudly sponsored by Canada Life, our National Development Sponsor.

You will learn about:

  • establishing a baseline for your financial identity
  • how your history with money shapes your financial habits
  • needs and wants and how to strike the perfect balance
  • the importance of financial goal setting
  • emergency funds and why they matter
  • negotiating your salary 
  • the joys of investing early in life
  • when to ask for help

Who should attend?

  • member and non members, general public


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