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Fraud-related stories were among the most-read articles on the CPA Canada website in 2018.

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From phone scams to spear phishing: Fraud a hot topic in 2018

Scammers have become ever more sophisticated. Here are five stories about fraud that resonated the most with our readers.

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Fraud in all its forms was a hot topic with our readers this year, with five fraud-themed stories hitting the Most Popular list on the CPA Canada website. From fake calls from the CRA to spear phishing that targets high-powered executives, scammers have become ever more sophisticated and finance professionals want to stay up to date.

Here are the five stories on fraud that resonated most with our readers.

Watch out for (and protect yourself from) these 3 sophisticated phone scams

Telephone fraud is getting harder to trace with use of new robocall and voice-recognition technology

Know what to watch for so you don’t fall victim to the new wave of phishing scams

They may not even sound like words, but smishing and vishing can do a lot of damage if you’re unprepared

5 scams that took the most money out of Canadian pockets last year

Job hunters and online daters are among new fraud victims 

Seniors too ashamed to report financial fraud, say experts

With more time on their hands and easy access to their finances, seniors are a prime target for fraudsters

10 seasonal phishing scams to watch out for and how to protect yourself against them

Don’t fall for these rackets designed to steal your money or identity. Stay alert (and safe) with these tips to help you spot fraudulent schemes.


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