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Exploring the power of rethinking, a documentary on Ernest Hemingway and delving into the mysterious deaths of Grateful Dead fans

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Jerry Garcia and guest John Cipollina perform with the Grateful Dead at the Greek Theater in May, 1983.The podcast Dead and Gone explores the mysterious deaths and murders of several Grateful Dead fans (Getty Images)


In his new book, Think Again, author and organizational psychologist Adam Grant explores the power of rethinking and unlearning as a way to discover the “joy” of being wrong. Over the course of 320 pages, Grant chronicles feats like how a Black musician convinced white supremacists to turn away from hate and how a vaccine advocate convinced resistant parents to immunize their children. 


From Baseball to The Vietnam War, documentarian Ken Burns is regarded as one of the greatest chroniclers of American history. Now he is returning with a new documentary devoted to perhaps the country’s most revered literary icon: Ernest Hemingway. The three-part series paints an intimate picture of the author responsible for classics like The Old Man and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises, examining a turbulent life characterized by alcoholism, mental illness and depression before being cut short by suicide at just 61. The series premieres on PBS on April 5.


What a long, strange trip it’s been for the Grateful Dead and their fans. The Dead have inspired a cult-like following among so-called “Deadheads” but, like any cult, there’s a dark side. The podcast Dead and Gone explores the mysterious deaths and murders of several fans, including those that have occurred since the 1995 death of guitarist Jerry Garcia. The series speaks to a darkness that lurked just below the surface of the band’s “peace and love” ethos.