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Top of the news: Our most-read stories of 2019

From cybersecurity to financial literacy and Excel skills—these are the 10 stories that resonated the most with our readers

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Hand holding phone showing warning message with a holiday backgroundPhone scams are a hot topic these days, making headlines around the globe, and being one of CPA Canada's top news stories of 2019. (Getty/Manuel-F-O)

Looking for a few tips? In 2019, practical advice resonated the most; from Excel secrets, to RRSP myths, to identity theft protection, readers were looking for expert advice. But longer features were popular too, including how one CPA is changing the face of corporate Canada. Here are the most-read news stories of the year:

Steer clear of these 5 recent scams: Here’s how
From money transfer fraud to trust fund diversions, fraudsters have endlessly evolving ways to trick their targets

Watch out for (and protect yourself from) these 3 sophisticated phone scams
Telephone fraud is getting harder to trace with use of new robocall and voice recognition technology

Time to set the record straight about these 5 RRSP myths
Come RRSP season and consumers are often faced with a confusing jumble of misguided notions about this retirement savings vehicle. Here are some facts.

CFE Gold Medal winner talks being number one
Many Common Final Examination writers simply strive to pass the rigorous exam. Here’s what you can learn from this year’s top performer.

Michael Cherny is changing the face of corporate Canada
When Deloitte’s chief of staff came out as trans, he became a beacon of diversity on buttoned-down Bay Street

4 things you need to know about identity theft right now
Canadians lost $21.2 million related to identity theft in 2018, up from $11.7 million the year before. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Canada is a large country. Here are 9 ways to see it inexpensively
Looking to travel coast to coast, or somewhere in between? With these tips, you can see the sights without breaking the bank.

The (big) costs of lying on your mortgage application
Any borrower who is tempted to alter the facts in order to secure financing should think long and hard before doing so. Here’s why.

Memorize these 10 Excel shortcuts to boost your productivity
It’s easier than ever to instantly become a spreadsheet master. All you have to do is ditch the mouse and start using keyboard shortcuts instead.

The one Excel skill you can learn right now to save time
Slash the hours or days spent each week doing data management tasks. This feature will change the way you work.


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