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Still looking for gift ideas? Your search ends here. One of these presents is sure to please the accountant in your life.

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6 last-minute gift ideas for the number lovers in your life

Have a CPA on your list? Featuring items ranging from a wireless numeric keypad to a change box, these options will make gift-giving season a success. 

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You promised yourself it would be different this year—but Christmas is just around the corner and you’re still searching for the perfect gift for the accountant in your life.

Buying personalized presents is an artform—and a way to show people that they’re not just a name on your list. Buying personalized gifts on a deadline is closer to a miracle.

The good news is that you’re not alone. According to CPA Canada’s Holiday Spending Study, 11 per cent of Canadians plan to leave holiday shopping until the last minute. Instead of hoping your online order arrives in time, here are some options you can pick up before it’s too late. 

Change Box Travel Fund

Who’s better at saving than a CPA? Whether it’s a TFSA or a simple change box, the accountant in your life will love seeing their savings grow—even a dime at a time. Plus, the stylish design fits nicely on a dresser, nightstand or kitchen counter. 

Available at Staples Canada for $18.98 (with 2-hour pick up available)

Monopoly: Cheaters Edition

Call it a fantasy game for the accountants who always play by the rules. This different take on Monopoly lets out your inner trickster. The rules encourage players to fake a die roll, steal some bills from the bank and even skip out on rent. Accountants may not be fighting to be the banker in this version.

Available at Toys R Us for $29.99 online (with free in-store pickup)

Microsoft Surface Laptop

Make office hours more productive with the latest laptop tech. This ultra slim laptop is ready to perform when you are, and features a 13.5”-touchscreen display, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD storage and a 1.6 GHz, 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. Speed up boot-up and load times so you can spend less time waiting.

Available at Best Buy for $1,299.99 (with option to reserve in store)

Targus® Wireless Numeric Keypad

Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious ones. This wireless keypad offers freedom from cords and clutter. It features an integrated ergonomic tilt and the USB plugs into the back without anything hanging off the side. From now on, crunch the numbers in comfort.

Available at Staples Canada for $49.99 (with 2-hour pick up available)

Stress Ball Paul

We all have those days at work—feeling pressured, stressed or overwhelmed. Instead of taking it out on your keyboard, try the stress-relieving power of Paul. Keep him tucked away in your computer bag for on-the-go stress relief, or during tax season, right on your desk.

Available at Indigo for $12

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack by XD Designs

CPAs are often responsible for an immense amount of confidential data and information. Give the gift that will lighten that load—both literally and figuratively. The Bobby backpack is designed to relieve some of the weight pushing down on your shoulders and it features some of the best in anti-theft innovation such as: cut-proof material, hidden zipper closures, secret pockets, illuminating safety strips and more. 

Available for $159.99 at Staples Canada 

Note: Prices and availability of products in this gift guide were correct at time of publication and may be subject to change.


This budget-friendly CPA Canada gift guide has even more great ideas for accountants on your wish list. And, even if you’re scrambling for last-minute presents, avoid counterfeit products with these tips.