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A trusted guide to sustainable investing with Jarislowsky Fraser

Global investment firm Jarislowsky Fraser brings a legacy of trust and time-tested conservative principles to the new and fast-growing world of sustainable investing

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Hand drawing Venn diagram on chalkboard about sustainabilityAt its core, sustainable investment involves an analysis beyond short-term profits, favouring instead factors that support long-term value creation (Image provided)

Sustainable investing has entered the mainstream in the past decade. Climate change, global income inequality and other areas of concern have transformed how governments and businesses operate, with sustainability-first companies and green technologies growing at rapid rates and traditional industries adapting their practices to keep pace.

Sustainable investments have already surpassed US$30 trillion globally and some estimates say it could top US$50 trillion in the next 20 years. But this fast-growing market is filled with complexities and misconceptions that are challenging to navigate for investors, from high-net-worth individuals to established foundations, pension funds and corporations.


As one of Canada’s leading investment firms, Jarislowsky Fraser is at the forefront of the sustainable investing landscape. For more than five decades, Jarislowsky Fraser has worked with institutional and high-net-worth investors, in collaboration with their other advisers, to diligently manage their investment portfolios. Its clients have always entrusted it with growing their wealth, with a view to building their legacies and providing for the future. Today, the firm serves more than 2,500 affluent individuals and families, often spanning multiple generations. Jarislowsky Fraser currently manages more than $40 billion on behalf of its institutional and private clients.

Jarislowsky Fraser’s demonstrated track record of delivering institutional-calibre investment capabilities to its clients is anchored by a disciplined approach built on time-tested conservative principles and decades of fundamental research. This pragmatic philosophy focused on quality is at the core of Jarislowsky Fraser’s differentiated approach to sustainable investing.


At its core, sustainable investment involves an analysis beyond short-term profits, favouring instead factors that support long-term value creation. For example, shareholders, consumers and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding creative new takes on business growth, as well as business reporting, that provide more transparency and fully address and incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Jarislowsky Fraser believes that rigorously integrating ESG elements into bottom-up analysis of companies is intrinsic to gaining a complete picture of the quality of a potential investment. And yet, many investors have misconceptions and knowledge gaps about ESG and related areas, such as climate risk assessments and disclosures.

Jarislowsky Fraser’s team of more than 60 investment professionals provides a wealth of expertise, offering a consultative approach that allows for personalized solutions to meet clients’ specific objectives and values. Jarislowsky Fraser utilizes proprietary tools to ensure ESG analysis is done systematically, and advocates for transparent governance, an engaged ownership approach, as well as collaboration with sustainability-focused organizations to advance sustainable investment practices for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In maintaining its hallmark of long-term investment stewardship in this era of uncertainty and breakneck change, Jarislowsky Fraser’s mission is to continue growing its clients’ capital in a lower-risk manner and at a reasonable cost. That’s why CPAs can entrust their clients to Jarislowsky Fraser’s experienced portfolio managers and their commitment to sustainable, quality investing. For more information about Jarislowsky Fraser’s approach to investment management, visit or contact them at 1-800-736-8666.