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Government seeking qualified CPA for auditor general position. Will it be you?

Leadership, strategic management and building stakeholder relations among skills required for role

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Peace Tower and LionThe role of auditor general, for which a CPA designation is essential, is packed with a diverse range of opportunities and responsibilities over a 10-year, non-renewable tenure (Getty Images/GBlakeley)

In its search for a new auditor general the government of Canada is encouraging all qualified CPAs to apply for this prestigious post. 

The role of auditor general, for which a CPA designation is critical, is packed with a diverse range of opportunities and responsibilities over a 10-year, non-renewable tenure. As an officer of Parliament, the auditor general is responsible for legislative auditing, providing Parliament with objective, fact-based information and expert advice on government programs and activities gathered through audits. Parliament uses reports by the office of the auditor general to oversee government activities and hold the federal government to account for its handling of public funds.

Candidates must be bilingual and showcase a breadth of leadership experience at the senior executive level. They must be well-versed in strategic management and organizational change, with a proven ability to build stakeholder relations and nurture diverse workforces. Diversity will also be considered in assessing applicants.

Beyond understanding the role of auditor general and its relationship with Parliament and government, the candidate must also demonstrate comprehension of parliamentary and government operations; understand the legal framework behind governing financial management, including a familiarity with the Financial Administration Act; and be up-to-date on developments in the accounting and auditing fields, both internationally and domestically, and their implication on government process.

Interested CPAs who wish to apply for the auditor general position are encouraged to do so via the official job posting by January 22. Applicants may continue to apply after that date, with highly qualified candidates considered. The government’s aim is to have the new auditor general’s tenure begin this year.