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A wide range of topics piqued our readers’ interests in 2018. Everything from AI and personal development to where the accounting profession is headed got people talking.

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Top of the news: Our most-read stories of 2018

Robots, multitasking myths, the future of the accounting profession—a wide range of topics got conversations started this year. These are the 10 stories that resonated the most with our readers.

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As we look back at 2018, it was a year that, ironically, we spent looking forward. From AI, robots and the evolving accounting profession, readers were keen to know where the future will take us. But practical stories resonated too—Excel secrets and the best business books were hot topics. Here are the most-read stories of the year from CPA Canada.

Feeling like a fraud? 7 tips to help you obliterate impostor syndrome 

Reach your full career potential while ridding yourself of fear and self-doubt

Canadian competitive edge at risk under current tax system, say experts 

International community pushes for Canadian tax reform, threatens loss to economy, amid U.S. corporate tax cuts

6 reasons why CPAs make great leaders 

What separates the leaders from the followers—or even the managers? Find out what makes CPAs better bosses than most 

The true cost of babies 

That little bundle of joy can cost you a bundle of cash, according to a new CPA Canada book, Babie$: The Real Story of How Much They Cost  

Top business books to add to your summer reading list 

Looking for some good business reads for your vacation? Here are our top six picks. 

Enterprise tech expert Duncan Stewart talks about the future of the accounting profession

As a keynote speaker at The ONE national conference this year, CPA Canada asked Stewart about what he foresees changing for accountants

11 Excel secrets for accountants 

Everyone in business will cross paths with a spreadsheet at some point. But how do you get the most out of the ubiquitous Excel program? Read on to find out.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the robot

Jim Carroll, keynote speaker at the National Forum on Technology Solutions in May, discusses riding the wave and embracing our technological future 

The myth of multitasking: The more you have to do, the less productive you’ll be, research shows

Never mind that lengthy to-do list. These five tips will help boost your efficiency to get things done.

Kevin Hart’s portrayal of a boring accountant in Central Intelligence just one of many stereotypes

Here’s a compilation of our favourite clichés about our profession as seen on TV and in film


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