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New recruitment ideas are helping companies find the next generation of young talent

Global businesses are using popular apps as engagement tools and incorporating AI into the hiring process

From millennials to Generation Z, companies are increasingly faced with job candidates who may have spent much of their youth, and all of their adult life, glued to a laptop or cell phone, surfing the internet and using social media to stay connected.

Canada in particular has one of the highest internet usage penetrations out of any country in the world with nearly 90 per cent of the population spending time online in some capacity in 2017. That number jumps to around 98 per cent when focused on Canadians aged 18 to 34.

And according to recent statistics, there are more than 22 million social network users in Canada. If you’re a company looking for young talent, that’s a lot of eyes on screens waiting to be inspired by your next campaign. Here’s how to get their attention:

Instagram Stories

Companies are using this popular feature to offer candidates a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work with them. Giving employees access to the company Instagram account to share their own stories can help create a more personal connection with a target audience that may make them more interested in working with you.

Studies have shown that your greatest recruiting tool might just be your employees, so using Instagram Stories to showcase their personalities and current projects being worked on could be a good way to leverage your current staff to attract new talent.


Global financial services giant JPMorgan Chase started using Snapchat in 2016 to attract young talent with targeted ads for university students and geofilters that can be used at company events, such as its Corporate Challenge races. They were even featured on Snapchat’s website as a “success story” after the campaign resulted in an 18 per cent rise in internship and employment association for the firm.

More recently, McDonald’s in Australia used the app to encourage candidates to send in a “Snapplication” as an initial way to show off their personality and potential customer service skills.

Artificial Intelligence

HireVue is a startup that created a video interview platform that uses AI to analyze a range of indicators, from the words a candidate uses to answer questions to their vocal tone and eye contact, which helps determine if they’re a good match for the vacant position. Companies such as hotel chain Hilton Worldwide have already adopted the technology to make their recruitment and hiring process more efficient.


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