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CPA named to Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 list

Toronto Hydro’s CFO and Executive VP Aida Cipolla will be recognized with an award, changes to the Canada Elections Act will bring new restrictions, plus more news from the accounting world

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portrait of Aida CipollaCPA Aida Cipolla will receive her award in November at a gala presentation in Toronto, Ont. (Image provided)


Aida Cipolla, CPA, CFO and Executive Vice-President of Toronto Hydro, was recently named as one of the honourees on the annual Canada’s Top 40 under 40 list.

Cipolla took on her current position at Toronto Hydro in August 2018. She has been with the corporation since 2008 and served as its controller from December 2015. In her current role, she is “responsible for providing strategic leadership and guidance for strategy and business planning, accounting and financial reporting, treasury, taxation, internal audit, and compliance functions for Toronto Hydro Corporation and its subsidiaries,” according to her bio on BNN Bloomberg

Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 recognizes outstanding business leaders who inspire others and give back to their communities and country. Cipolla will receive her award in November at a gala presentation in Toronto, Ont.


Are you aware that everyone and all organizations are subject to new federal election rules in Canada governing paid advertising and online content?

There are actually two periods during which political advertising and other activities are regulated based on a federal election being called September 15 with Canadians going to the polls October 21.The first began on June 30 and represents what is known as the pre-election period running until September 14.The election period then kicks in after that and runs until voting day. 

Generally, during the pre-election period, restrictions are in place concerning any paid advertising that promotes or opposes a nomination contestant, candidate, party leader, or political party—or paid advertising that directs a user to this kind of content.   

During the election period, these restrictions extend to and include advertising on a political or government issue that is associated with a party, candidate or party leader. Issues include anything related to the federal budget or a budget measure, a government policy or program, or a policy area within federal jurisdiction.

If you think that these new rules could affect you or your organization’s activities, be sure to consult Elections Canada’s website.


With sustainability as one of its strategic priorities, CPA Canada will be launching three free climate change training programs this year. 

These programs are a part of the two-year funding agreement that CPA Canada signed with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in September 2018 to help equip business leaders and organizations with the knowledge and skills they need to better account for and report on climate-related risks and take steps to adapt to climate change. Each of the programs has been developed for a targeted audience, i.e., boards of directors, senior finance executives and CPAs working in business and professional services.

The introductory modules for the senior financial executives and boards of directors will be delivered as webinars this fall. CPA Canada’s training programs will address the need for increased understanding of the linkage between climate change issues and implications for the private sector. Building capacity and subject matter expertise in this area will enable accountants and business leaders to proactively respond to climate change risks and capitalize on new opportunities.

Click here to learn more about the curriculum being offered.