Two female colleagues in office

Being a good listener and asking questions to clarify any doubts helps to connect better with the other person. (By Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock)

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Sharpen your communication skills with these 3 tips

Simple suggestions for being a good listener and delivering your message effectively

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As a career coach who has been trained in Conversational Intelligence®, Eileen Chadnick, principal of Big Cheese Coaching, knows a lot about what works in communication—and what doesn’t. Here are some tips to help you avoid misunderstandings.

Recognize the signs of stress in yourself and others

“Be curious about the impact you have on others,” says Chadnick. “Learn to de-escalate perceived threats and with the ‘brain in mind’, focus on healthier conversational dynamics that build trust and understanding.”

Listen and be curious

Slow down to listen more fully. “Watch out for an ‘already-knowing’ mindset,” says Chadnick. “Ask more questions, take time to clarify more and assume less.”

Focus on connecting

Engage to connect with the person; don’t just think of the transaction at hand. “People build trust with people, not transactions,” says Chadnick. “We trust those we feel are representing themselves honestly and openly.  Be more transparent and authentic. Be careful about holding back information that should be shared. Sometimes silence is not golden.”