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CPA Canada launched a visionary initiative on July 23 that’ll help shape the future of the accounting profession. (Shutterstock/PanyaStudio)

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Innovative project encourages CPAs and stakeholders to collaborate on the future of the profession

In-person roundtables and online discussions will help create strategies to solidify CPAs as leaders in the business world

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CPA Canada launched a visionary initiative on July 23 that’ll help shape the future of the accounting profession and define the role it will play in helping companies achieve their goals in a rapidly changing business environment.

The project—CPA Canada Foresight: Reimagining the Profession—will run as a collaborative open forum until early 2019 and includes in-person roundtables as well as a digital discussion where members and other stakeholders are encouraged to join the conversation and share their thoughts.

“The pace at which the business world is evolving is both fascinating and challenging,” says Joy Thomas, president and CEO of CPA Canada. “Canadian CPAs are bright, adaptable and leading-edge. Along with change comes opportunity, and the new business landscape creates great potential to solidify CPAs as leaders in the business world.”

Roundtable and digital discussions will focus on the future direction of the profession, including essential skills, employment opportunities and regulatory impact. Talking points will be guided by several key questions, including: what do you see as the most significant challenges facing the profession over the next 10 years and what would the ideal state of the profession look like?

CPA Canada Foresight: Reimagining the Profession builds on the Drivers of Change—the product of a multi-year process of roundtable events, outreach and research on five disruptors that are creating challenges and opportunities for CPAs and their organizations. CPA Canada Foresight will resume the conversation and look at the profession’s most relevant issues.

With such rapid advances in technology, constant regulatory changes, intertwined business supply chains and more, the breadth of skills and knowledge that CPAs bring to the table can help companies bridge the gap between the past and a successful future. To have your say, get involved by joining the conversation online.