Resources to navigate change

Keeping on top of change is essential to any business success. CPAs have a number of resources to help your business navigate change.

CPAs are your key resource to help your business thrive and navigate the disruptive forces of change. 

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These CPA resources may also be of interest to you and your business:

Navigating change

  • Scenario Planning: Learn to make organizational decisions in uncertain, unpredictable and volatile environments, using scenario planning. This three-part series is your essential guide to the six-step scenario planning approach. 
  • Future Value Drivers: Turn your invisible assets into tangible profit by learning about the five-step process for successful measurement, mapping, management and reporting.
  • Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value in a Low-Growth Environment: Learn the success factors for creating shareholder value in a low-growth economy by examining the experiences of four successful Canadian companies.
  • Developing Robust Strategies for Uncertain Times: Successful companies survive and prosper in uncertain times by adapting their business strategy to changing circumstances. Our two-part report provides an insightful overview for management discussion.


Climate Change

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