What CPAs do

CPAs are more than bean counters. They use their skills and knowledge to develop strategy, lead innovation and plan for the future. In an ever-changing world, a CPA can be the bedrock of your business.

CPAs have the skills and insight to tackle the challenges your business faces on many fronts. From CFOs to IT security specialists, CPAs fill many different positions. Learn more about what some CPAs do.

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Adapting to Climate Change: Finance at the Forefront

As creators, enablers, preservers and reporters of sustainable value, accountants can make their organizations’ adaptation efforts more effective by managing risk, identifying and seizing opportunities, and enhancing resiliency in the face of a changing climate.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Shawn Burns, CPA, CMA

Entrepreneur Shawn Burns, who focuses on work that has a positive influence on the planet, says there’s a “huge opportunity” for accountants interested in sustainability issues.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Steven Pang, CPA, CGA

Steven Pang, CPA, CGA, talks about his career in industry and the importance of communicating what drives the numbers.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Lu Zhang, CPA, CA

Lu Zhang, CPA, CA, came to Canada to earn a master’s degree in economics. But when the time came to pursue a career, she placed her bet on accounting and couldn’t be happier. Tax has become her passion.

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From Winnipeg to New York

CPA Tamara Schok talks about how the CPA guided her leadership journey

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A "top shelf" CPA dishes out some numbers.

CPA Joe Resnick, president of Top Shelf Sports Management, dishes out some important numbers.


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