The value of a CPA designation

The value of a CPA designation goes far beyond the sum of its many and varied parts. CPAs bring in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and strategic insights to your business.

This ain’t your mama’s liberal arts degree. The CPA designation means an empowered and innovative thinker who can plan, create and successfully lead your organization through the constantly-shifting business landscape.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Lu Zhang, CPA, CA

Lu Zhang, CPA, CA, came to Canada to earn a master’s degree in economics. But when the time came to pursue a career, she placed her bet on accounting and couldn’t be happier. Tax has become her passion.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Shawn Burns, CPA, CMA

Entrepreneur Shawn Burns, who focuses on work that has a positive influence on the planet, says there’s a “huge opportunity” for accountants interested in sustainability issues.

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Adapting to climate change: The Co-operators

For insurance company The Co-operators, adapting to climate change has meant creating a new insurance product and engaging stakeholders to create more resilient communities.


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