Financial background: Keeping business on top

Steeped in a long history of finance and analysis, CPAs deliver the financial know-how to make businesses sucessfulin an ever-changing environment.

CPAs’ business, financial and analytical skills will help your business find the clues, see the patterns and connect the dots to stay on top of change. They bring a strong financial background to the table; helping you see the bigger picture and spot the opportunities. 

Learn how our CPAs are delivering value to the organizations they work for.

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2 minutes with a CPA: Steven Pang, CPA, CGA

Steven Pang, CPA, CGA, talks about his career in industry and the importance of communicating what drives the numbers.

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Adapting to climate change: The Co-operators

For insurance company The Co-operators, adapting to climate change has meant creating a new insurance product and engaging stakeholders to create more resilient communities.

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Tamara Schock

Numbers can tell a story. Learn about CPA Tamara Schock.

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CPA and entrepreneur: Sarb Mund

CPA and Soho Road owner Sarb Mund deals in delicious numbers.

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CPA and hockey agent: Joe Resnick

It's about more than the score for this CPA.

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CPA and humanitarian: Geeta Tucker

This CFO for Agrifam Canada uses numbers to help people around the world.


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