Business leaders: More than just accounting

Throughout their careers CPAs provide the tools you need to survive in a constantly changing world. Their business, financial and analytical skills help your organization find the clues, see the patterns and connect the dots to stay on ahead of the competition.

Strategic business acumen is a key competency of CPAs. From their training and work experiences, CPAs deliver results beyond just the numbers. Hear from some of our 200,000 CPAs on how they deliver success and key insights to stay on top.

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Adapting to climate change: City of Montreal

Learn how one CPA is leading sustainable change in his city.

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Why is embracing strategic uncertainty important?

What makes some companies more adaptable than others? One CPA tells us why.

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From Winnipeg to New York

CPA Tamara Schok talks about how the CPA guided her leadership journey

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CPA AND entrepreneur: Sarb Mund, Soho Road

Learn about Sarb's journey to becoming a CPA and running a successful business.

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A "top shelf" CPA dishes out some numbers.

CPA Joe Resnick, president of Top Shelf Sports Management, dishes out some important numbers.


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