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CPAs are a diverse group of thought leaders with a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and skill-sets enabling CPAs to help business navigate the disruptive forces of change.

Discover the inspiring paths taken by some of our CPAs who share their journeys. Both honest and aspirational, these candid discussions provide a fresh perspective on the CPA profession and show why the people who define it are the best in business.

Throughout their careers CPAs provide the tools you need to survive in a constantly changing world. Their business, financial and analytical skills help your organization find the clues, see the patterns and connect the dots to stay on ahead of the competition.

The value of a CPA designation goes far beyond the sum of its many and varied parts. CPAs bring in-depth knowledge, innovative thinking and strategic insights to your business.

CPAs are more than bean counters. They use their skills and knowledge to develop strategy, lead innovation and plan for the future. In an ever-changing world, a CPA can be the bedrock of your business.

CPAs support a varying range of business. Get to know some of our CPAs - where they've worked and how they help business - by the numbers.


Jointly presented by CPA Canada and CPA Ontario, The ONE is the must-attend, multi-track event of the year, designed for all CPAs who want to be at the top of their game.

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You’re in the eye of the storm amid a swirl of slips, forms and receipts. Chart your way through tax-time turbulence with these updates and resources.