Think CPAs are stuck in the past? Think again

The Chartered Professional Accountant profession’s new brand campaign, “This is the new face of CPA,” kicks off across Canada next week. The hard-hitting opening line above mirrors last year’s bold messaging.

As the ambassadors of the CPA brand, Canada’s CPAs are getting a sneak peek at the new campaign before it goes live.

Last fall, the CPA profession’s branding committee set out to bust the stereotype that “CPAs are boring.” The bold campaign depicted CPAs as leaders of business and society, in a variety of sectors where their skills, intelligence and passion can shine. Extending the success of that approach, this year’s CPA brand campaign, developed by the CPA profession’s branding committee in partnership with the profession’s agency of record, DentsuBos, targets the oft-stated stereotype by showing real CPAs in action in workplaces and communities across Canada.

Seven new CPA stories will be featured in television commercials, print ads, out-of-home (billboards and digital media platforms), digital ads and social media posts. Their stories illustrate the range of skills, competencies and ethical standards that define the 21st-century CPA.

The “new face” campaign is focused primarily on business leaders and decision-makers, with the goal of demonstrating the total value that CPAs bring to businesses and communities. The campaign shows the faces that represent the diversity, strength and innovative spirit that typifies the Canadian CPA profession.

“We hope that through this approach, CPAs across Canada will catch at least a glimpse of themselves in the faces we will highlight,” says branding committee chair, Lyne Lortie.

“The upcoming campaign emphasizes how skilled CPAs are at understanding the opportunities and challenges facing today’s businesses and communities, and how they serve as trusted strategic advisors in all sectors of the Canadian economy.”

“Canadians are going to see some dramatic images and persuasive messages in this campaign. We think people will sit up and take notice of the fact that CPAs are business leaders, advisors and strategists who really stand out in the marketplace,” says Lortie. “The faces that will be seen in this campaign are definitely faces that people won’t forget.”

You can help promote awareness of the value of the CPA profession by participating in the campaign through your social media networks. A number of social media posts are provided for your use.