CPD for the next step in your career

It’s never been easier to keep learning while also accommodating your busy schedule at work and home. Explore our range of diverse online certificate programs.

Professional training and development is an investment that can consistently deliver returns. And these days, online options are a great way to stay at the forefront of your field while enjoying the benefits of flexible, on-demand study.

Why not take advantage of this growing shift to a digital-first mindset in business? Every certificate we offer is designed to either help you pick up new skills, update your expertise as a CPA or be proactive and get ahead of evolving issues that are shaping the future of the profession.

Browse our latest certificates below to find out which one is right for you:

Cybersecurity Frameworks Certificate

Turn cybersecurity challenges into an opportunity for your business in this two-part program. You’ll develop the skills you need to make strategic decisions about IT, improve governances, fight cyber threats and protect your company’s digital assets.

Data Management Certificate

Data can be beautiful and complex – and in the right hands, it’s also one of today’s top drivers of corporate decision making. Over the span of five courses focused on data management, learn how to harness the power of data to produce meaningful financial insights.

Not-for-Profit Certificate

Ideal for CPAs who are new to the sector, as well as existing leaders who need to expand their knowledge base. Build skills in governance, financial statements, reporting obligations and accounting standards that are unique to not-for-profits so you can keep making a difference.

Performance Management and Strategy Certificate

Dynamic performance outcomes start here. Thanks to a comprehensive online component first with a hands-on virtual capstone to follow, you’ll finish this program with tangible insights on how to encourage high-impact growth and increase profitability.

Public Sector Certificate

Find out how strategic resource management can help you support sustainable government programs and services. Level I lays the foundation for financial decision making in a public sector context, while Level II builds on that material with advanced topics – both online.

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For even more opportunities to earn CPD, check out these upcoming virtual classrooms:

Effective Operational Planning and Budgeting in the Public Sector

November 14, 2019 | 3 CPD hours

Cross-Functional Collaboration to Deliver Critical Goals

November 19, 2019 | 3 CPD hours

Fundraising and Finance: Gift Acceptance, Administration and Growth for Charities

December 5, 2019 | 3 CPD hours

Evidence-Based Decision Making in the Public Sector

December 11, 2019 | 3 CPD hours