Next-generation skills for CPAs

CPD is important for any business leader – but when it comes to Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), the value of learning goes beyond that. It’s the best way to build new skills and future-proof your career.

As you plan your professional development options, have you considered what the future holds for CPAs?

Continuing education is an excellent choice to boost credibility and stay up-to-date in your field, but now it’s also an opportunity to think bigger about where your career can take you. This includes finding new ways to provide value, harness the power of data and improve decision making for sustainable long-term success.

In other words, how we reimagine the profession now will influence the role CPAs play in an economy full of unprecedented change for many years to come.

Sharpen your skillset

That’s why two key areas that should be on your radar are innovative approaches to performance management (PM) and digital literacy around data and emerging technologies. Both are critical to driving process improvements and generating fresh insights for your organization.

In the PM sphere, optimization is king. The more deliberate you are about shifting your focus to analysis, strategic alignment and business acumen, the more successful you’ll be. It’s about driving growth and becoming a go-to advisor, which is great for your prospects and increases the impact of your firm.

With technology, there’s the ability to augment your work and reduce manual tasks. This applies for everything from dramatically improving revenue forecasts to having the right data so you can present your stakeholders with more sophisticated, evidence-based recommendations.

“Ultimately, we can’t rest on tradition,” says Joy Thomas, FCPA and President and CEO of CPA Canada.

“We have to look at things differently. I know the profession has a future that is valuable and bright and exciting. But to get there, we can’t wait for the change to drive us. We have to be the ones who drive the change.”

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