Are you future-ready?

Disruptive tech, emerging trends and the fast pace of change are keeping Canadian business on its toes. Make sure you have the right skills to tackle what the future holds.

Transformative leaders are the ones who understand the importance of looking forward, not back.


According to the World Economic Forum (WEC), the global business landscape is experiencing an incredible amount of disruption. The future of jobs is marked by opportunities, risks and fresh perspectives among leaders on the frontlines.


For example, professional accountants and auditors are identified on the WEC’s top 10 list of declining roles impacted by global change due to automation and AI. Yet 60% of the top skills needed in the WEC 2022 Skills Outlook draw on essential CPA competencies, including innovative leadership and complex problem-solving.


Global economic conditions, shifting demographics and technological advances have converged to forever alter traditional jobs, with only more transformation coming over the next decade,” says Ontario economist and author Linda Nazareth. “Lean and agile is the strategy of choice now, with talent driving business.”


The implications of this are something we take seriously, and key drivers of change are a large motivating factor behind the CPA Canada Foresight initiative.


CPAs are ideally positioned to fulfill the market’s need for future-ready leaders who are adaptive, innovative and resilient. Rise to meet that challenge head-on in the new year by investing in training that’s focused on smart career growth and long-term success.


Our key tips for leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve in 2019:


  • Embrace the perks of automation and the latest tech. Use AI tools to streamline data entry, track transactions and take advantage of the cloud for easier client collaboration. These moves will free up your time for more strategic work.

  • Prioritize professional development. Continuous learning will prepare you for what the future holds. It’s not optional, it’s critical. Devoting space in your schedule to CPD often comes with other great professional perks, too, like expanding your network.

  • Harness the benefits of anticipatory disruption. Every organization needs trusted advisors and early adopters to encourage innovation. Become one of them by pursuing up-to-date expertise in areas like data analytics and leadership.

  • Keep your finger on the global pulse. Whether it’s evaluating the impact of GDPR or helping organizations connect the dots on climate change, you have an important part to play in shaping our world.

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Learn more about how to navigate the risks and opportunities of disruption in the Future-Ready Leader Workshop, facilitated by Business Learning Institute CEO and LinkedIn influencer, Tom Hood. It takes place in Toronto on February 27, 2019.


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