Ethics can make or break your career

Does your financial acumen come with a strong ethical compass? It takes both to do the right thing as stakeholder expectations rise and businesses become more complex. Update your skills with an online ethics course.

Building a constructive corporate culture is critical to the success of every organization. But did you know that authentic workplaces are more ethical and that ethics is a boon to business, too?

For CPAs to an even greater degree than many other business professionals, being able to uphold ethics is an integral part of the job, not just a “nice to have” soft skill. Exercising sound judgement in standards or championing an evidence-based, independent approach to auditing can be what damages our reputation as a profession or saves the day.

And it makes sense: there’s considerable responsibility on your shoulders when handling the financial sustainability and strategic direction of a company, whether you’re acting as a trusted advisor or leading operations front-and-centre. And technologies like AI are creating new ethical dilemmas for CPAs as well.

Ultimately, the need for a values-based vision cuts across every industry and practicing ethics at work is all about The CPA Way, where integrity and the bottom line are not mutually exclusive.

That’s why many provincial CPA bodies in Canada are making the move to integrate an ethics component into CPD requirements for members – at least four verifiable hours of ethics must be earned in every three-year rolling period. Our Ethics Online Course Series can help you meet that requirement with several options, and each one is offered in a flexible, on-demand format to fit into your schedule.

Choose the approach that best suits your career path:

Ethics for the CFO

For many executives, ethical decisions can be challenging. In this course, you’ll engage with hands-on case studies, theory and discuss real-life events to build ethical skills with C-suite leadership in mind. You’ll also learn why it’s important to follow ethics in choices that have repercussions for yourself, your organization and the public.

Ethics for the Auditor

Ethics are the core foundation of what auditors bring to the general public. Develop the right knowledge and skills to maintain trust and protect the reputation of your clients or organization. Plus, discover how your judgment can have a significant impact on the audit profession’s values and services.

Ethics for the Consultant

As a consultant, ethics are central to the value of your services. Make sure you have the right skills to offer sound judgment to clients and navigate potential roadblocks. Learn how to address the most common challenges – from business deals and tax issues to performance management and professional standards.
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In addition to the above offerings, we’re proud to partner with the GLOBE 2020 Forum to present an upcoming in-person workshop that integrates a sustainable business perspective alongside ethics.

The New Era of Ethics, Social and Financial Responsibility
February 10, 2020 | Vancouver, B.C. | 3 CPD hours

Stakeholder expectations are evolving to include a greater emphasis on ethics, from good governance and performance measures to voluntary ESG reporting. Learn how to navigate business challenges in key ESG areas that go beyond profit-driven interests to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards.