Navigating digital transformation in government

Skills development and a digital-first mindset are key components of meaningful change in today’s world. Find out why and explore the latest opportunities for CPAs in the public sector who are ready to embrace innovation.

Canada’s public sector can help set the tone for a strong economy and more effective service delivery by embracing innovation in government. However, valuable systemic change can take time, commitment and a big investment in infrastructure.

One of the most immediate ways to integrate innovation on a faster timeline, though, is turning first to behavioural change and skills development – particularly in technology, finance and leadership. For government CPAs, upgraded skills in these areas will impact cultural and performance outcomes right from the start, and ultimately complement long-term digital transformation.


The OECD’s global trends report for 2019 demonstrates support for this approach. Complex, interrelated and unpredictable change in society is making it imperative, not optional, for governments to prioritize innovation.

They categorize innovation into four realms: mission, enhancement, adaptation and anticipatory. Skills development for professional accountants cuts across each of these realms, but should emphasize adaptation (agility in response to a changing operating environment) and enhancement (upgrading processes and practices to increase impact).

And if Canada wants a more digitally dynamic public sector, that requires a digital-first mindset. For CPAs who work as civil servants, this includes rethinking everything from financial policy design and program evaluation to cybersecurity risk management.


If you’re facing change in the public sector and want to stay ahead of the curve, these upcoming professional development opportunities will help you strengthen your skillset:

Public Sector Conference

Develop context-specific skills in tech, finance and leadership as you connect with peers about the top challenges facing every level of government. This year’s event has a variety of sessions on digital optimization, such as:

  • “A Risk Management Approach to Cybersecurity”

  • “How Blockchain Can Modernize Public Sector Financial Management: Lessons from the City of Toronto”

  • “Ethics: Building Trust in Artificial Intelligence”

You can view more options in the agenda. There will also be a feature address delivered by Roch Huppé, Comptroller General of Canada, as well as optional post-conference workshops.

Cybersecurity Management in the Public Sector

Learn how to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats in this online course that’s been developed in partnership with FMI Canada. It will help you build a strong IT governance framework, successfully navigate today’s most common cybersecurity threats and better prevent attacks on your organization’s data.