Help us explore ways to enhance credibility in information beyond financial statements

Participate in a joint CPA Canada/Auditing and Assurance Standards Board initiative targeted at exploring new and innovative ways to enhance credibility in information outside of the financial statements.

Are you:

  • an innovative auditor who wants to be at the forefront of exploring opportunities to provide assurance on information beyond traditional financial statements?
  • an audit committee member who is seeking new ways to strengthen oversight of information reported by your entity?
  • a preparer of financial information who wants to continually enhance the information you report and the reliance that users can place on that information?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you

While investors may identify audited financial statements as the critical foundation used for financial analysis and decision making, the financial statements themselves constitute less than 20 per cent of all information used in financial analysis. CPA Canada and staff of the Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (AASB) are exploring whether and how to strengthen credibility of information outside the financial statements (e.g., the MD&A, specific key performance indicators or performance measures, etc.) through enhanced assurance. We are looking to work with multi-stakeholder teams to experiment and innovate.


  • enhance the relevance of financial reporting
  • explore the value in providing assurance on information beyond the financial statements


  • Users of entity information will be consulted to understand what information they use, what concerns they have with the relevance and reliability of that information, and what value they would place on enhanced assurance over the information.
  • Based on this industry-relevant user input, teams will assess the value to the user of enhanced credibility of their information and ways to deliver that value – for example, through governance practices and exploring external assurance services (CSAE 3000 and Section 9100).

Time commitment:

  • Attend two, one-hour meetings (coordinated by CPA Canada); timing is flexible and intended to cater to the schedules of each participant
  • in between the two meetings, commit time to experiment and innovate by:
    • designing and/or testing a new process for developing and reporting the information
    • exploring and experimenting with innovative options for providing assurance over that information with external (and when applicable, internal) assurance providers

Further information

Those interested in participating are asked to contact Taryn Abate.