Online and in-person learning options to meet your CPD requirements

From virtual classrooms and online courses to engaging in-person learning opportunities, these featured programs are here to help you meet your CPD requirements.

It’s spring, and you're going to get your CPD requirements out of the way nice and early, right? Of course! Let us help you get on the right track with our latest offerings. Below, you will find engaging virtual classrooms, dynamic and rewarding conferences, and in-person and online courses to help you stay ahead of the curve.


Virtual classrooms allow you to connect with peers and subject matter experts to ask questions, share ideas and participate in real time. This option is ideal for on-the-go professionals and senior business leaders who are interested in flexible professional development that doesn’t require travel or a multi-day commitment.

Each virtual classroom offering is worth 3 CPD hours.

Building a dynamic, scenario-based forecast (May 10, 2018)
Build a robust rolling forecast model, account for multiple scenarios, and learn how to add or remove scenarios easily. The goal is to effectively integrate scenario planning into your forecasting process, allowing you to make effective business decisions using a dynamic and flexible forecast.

Effective operational planning and budgeting (June 13, 2018)
Join Derek Sandison, a leader in the field of organizational performance management, as he guides you through group discussions and the right tools and strategies to use when budgeting and planning for optimal operations.

Effective operational planning and budgeting in the public sector (June 20, 2018)
A strategic approach to finance is the backbone of sustainable forecasting models. Dig deeper into the impact your operational planning and budgeting have on financial stability and service delivery in the public sector.


Still one of the best ways to network, learn from the experts, and collaborate with like-minded professionals, conferences offer a great return on investment. This year, we have three that we are particularly excited to share with you.

National Forum on Technology Solutions (May 28-29, 2018 in Toronto)
Come together with technology investment decision-makers to develop strategic solutions and explore what the future holds at this brand new conference.

The ONE National Conference (October 1-2, 2018 in Halifax)
The ONE is Canada’s must-attend, multi-track CPA event of the year. Stay at the top of your game with future-focused sessions, thought-provoking keynotes, prime networking opportunities, and a first-class exhibition floor.

Public Sector Conference (October 22-23, 2018 in Ottawa)
Connect with peers, hear about some of the top challenges facing today’s public sector finance professionals, and stay up to date on emerging trends as you explore the leadership and accounting topics that matter most to you.


Gain valuable insights from experts, network with colleagues, and learn a whole bunch in this intensive course.

Specialized HST/GST Course (September 12-13 in Toronto)
For those who have successfully completed the In-Depth HST/GST Course, this two-day complementary course examines the complex and dynamic indirect tax concepts and legislation for financial institutions, services and pensions.
This course is worth 12 CPD hours.

In-depth Transfer Pricing (October 1-3 in Toronto)
Deepen your knowledge about transfer pricing and international operations during this three-day, in-person course taught by leading Canadian experts.
This course is worth 24 CPD hours.


The online courses available for 2018 are sure to provide helpful information. Here again, the ability to complete these courses at your own pace (and wherever you may be) is a bonus.

Online courses range from three to 15 CPD hours.

Customer Pricing and Profitability
Understanding how pricing and customer profitability impact your bottom line is the first step in maximizing it. This online self-paced course will help increase your understanding and support better decision making for pricing and profitability.

Online Ethics Course Series
Enhance your knowledge with one of the following online courses that explore the complexities of 21st-century corporate ethics. These online courses provide you with the opportunity and flexibility to learn about ethics at your own pace, and at any time, to fit your busy schedule.

Public Sector Financial Management
Keep building your knowledge and skills with this comprehensive course, thatwhich guides you through the key elements of financial management for the public sector.

Success Podcast Series: Leadership and Performance Management
In this special six-part podcast series, we explore a wide range of topics that focus on leadership and performance management (PM). Discover how critical skills in leadership and PM are for a successful CPA career.

The One 2017 Podcast Series: Contemporary Issues in Technology and Sustainability
Technology and sustainability are set to change how CPAs make decisions. In this six-part podcast series, we interviewed panelists from The ONE 2017 to share their views on why these topics are relevant across sectors.

Success Podcast Series: Ethics and Governance
Ethics is at the core of every CPA’s professional reputation. In this special six-part podcast series, you’ll explore a wide range of ethical and governance issues impacting CPAs across sectors.

Success Podcast Series: IT and Innovation
Technology is changing how we do business, while new innovations can help increase your efficiency. In this special six-part podcast series, you’ll explore the latest tech opportunities and challenges affecting CPAs across sectors.


Arm yourself with certifications that can have a real impact on your work, and help you earn the trust of those around you.

Certificate programs are worth 40-plus CPD hours.

Certificate in Driving Organizational Profit and Performance

Enhance your organization’s bottom line and sharpen your skills in performance management. Develop your understanding of how PM will help improve your organization’s profitability. This program is geared towards mid-level professionals and senior business and accounting leaders with more than five years of experience.

Not-for-Profit Certificate Program
Enhance your technical skills as a not-for-profit board member or accountant. This program is designed for those new to the not-for-profit industry, who are either participating on a board or working in an organization. It is recommended to have a basic understanding of business and financial management.

Public Sector Certificate Program
Increase your knowledge of public sector finance, deepen your expertise in financial management and keep your career moving forward.

By starting to fulfill your requirements early, you’re giving future-you a present. Think all the way to December, when you'll have your feet up with a holiday beverage in hand, while your colleagues rush to fit in a year’s worth of learning in one week. Register now to take advantage of these diverse online learning options and explore other products in our continuing education portfolio.