Going the extra mile for Canadian tax

CPA Canada’s first Tax Faculty and Volunteer Appreciation event honoured tutors, volunteers and students for their outstanding contributions to the Canadian tax system. We spoke to a few award winners about their recognition.

On November 28th, 2017 CPA Canada held its first Tax Faculty and Volunteer Appreciation event. The event recognized individuals from across the country for their exemplary contribution to tax initiatives at CPA Canada and to the Canadian tax system at large. Here’s what a few of the award winners had to say about being recognized for their involvement.


Carl Ching, who is currently vice-president of tax at Brookfield Asset Management, said he felt “very humbled” receiving the Jeff K. Jutzi Award for excellence in tutoring for CPA Canada’s In-Depth Tax Course. “Being a tutor is one of the best ways to give back to the profession,” he says. “I feel very accomplished knowing my tutorials helped students put their best foot forward in their career. I take a lot of pride in their success.”

Ching described how being a tutor has enhanced his own development as a tax professional. “It’s helped me develop skills on how to clearly articulate complicated tax concepts to others who may have little background knowledge of the subject matter. I feel that I became a stronger tax professional as a result.”


Murray Mikulak, partner at Mikulak & Hill LLP, has a history of tax involvement at CPA Canada that spans an impressive 14 years. He’s served as the inaugural chair on the Small to Medium Practitioners Tax Committee and as the inaugural co-chair of the Compliance Committee. He’s also been involved in a variety of special projects, including participating in a training video for prospective CRA auditors and being an invited guest at a Canada Revenue Agency workshop. Being recognized with a Volunteer Recognition Award is an honour, he said, but the real reward for him is the experience itself.

“Being a volunteer has provided me the opportunity to work with some wonderful, devoted and passionate CPAs from across Canada, and so many of the great staff at CPA Canada,” he said. “I truly appreciated the opportunity to meet and work with senior officials in the CRA and Finance Canada to help make our tax system more efficient and effective, and at the same time, fair, equitable and transparent.”


The event also honoured nine In-Depth Tax Course students who achieved top marks in the program’s cumulative Year 3 Project, which challenges students to apply the skills they’ve learned in the program to develop and solve a comprehensive case study. Year 3 Project award winner Vincent Didkovsky, client service manager of Tax at S+C Partners LLP, said that being able to exchange ideas about the In-Depth Tax Program with professionals and academics who share his passion for tax education was a definite highlight of the evening. “I hope to follow their example by meaningfully contributing to the program in the future.”

It’s obvious that recognition is only a small fraction of the reward gained by participating in CPA Canada tax initiatives, which provide skills, knowledge, connections and experience.

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2017 Jeff K. Jutzi Tutor Award winners:

In-Depth Tax Course: In-Residence Tutorial Leaders

  • In-Residence 1: Robert Brown, CPA, CA, TEP - BMO Wealth Management, Halifax
  • In-Residence 2: Chris Bickley, MSTax(US), CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois) – Deloitte, Ottawa
  • In-Residence 3: Carl Ching, CPA CA - Brookfield Asset Management, Toronto

2017 Volunteer Recognition Award

  • Hugh Neilson, FCPA, FCA, TEP – KRP Group, Edmonton
  • Murray Mikulak, FCPA, FCA – Mikulak & Hill LLP, Calgary

2017 Year 3 Project Award Winners

  • Andrew Jones, MAcc, CPA, CA, BDO Canada, Sarnia, Ontario
  • Chris Czorny, MBA, CPA, CA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Toronto
  • Jamaal John, CPA, CA, Ellis Don Corporation, London, Ontario
  • Jordan Ramsay, CPA, CA, Canada Revenue Agency, London, Ontario
  • Marc-André Myrand, CPA auditeur, CA, Industrial Alliance, Quebec City
  • Natacha Miville, CPA auditrice, CA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Quebec City
  • Valérie Côté, CPA auditrice, CA, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Quebec City
  • Vincent Didkovsky, CPA, CA, CFA, CBV, S+C Partners LLP, Toronto
  • Willard Sing, Allergan Inc., Toronto
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