CPA Canada increases national portion of membership dues

Learn more about the increases to the national portion of CPA membership dues.

The CPA Canada Board of Directors has approved an increase in the national portion of member dues for the fiscal year commencing April 1, 2018. 

Dues will increase by $20 to $400 per year, plus applicable sales tax.

The increase is part of a multi-year strategy that began in fiscal 2017. There are several reasons why the board unanimously agreed to the increase.

  • Just prior to unification, the national organization reduced CA member dues from $460 in 2012 to $440 in 2013. During the same period, CGA and CMA member dues increased as part of the plan to phase-in a common fee. CPA dues were eventually harmonized at $380 by 2015.
  • CPA Canada fully absorbed all development costs for the new CPA certification program and redesigned the program fee structure so that all certification-related programs were delivered to the regions on a cost recovery basis. As well, as a result of integrating member services distinct to each legacy body, certain revenue sources were eliminated, including revenues from the CPA Handbook and certain member services that were now duplicated at a provincial level.
  • As a result of a shifting revenue model, CPA Canada has been operating at minimum net asset policy level. The Board of Directors believes it is imperative for the national organization to begin building a more sustainable net asset position that will ensure CPA Canada can invest in the future of the profession through research and new programming to help prepare members for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.


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