Your new digital reality starts now

We’ve listened to your feedback and created a better experience for you, starting with the launch of our new magazine and online news section.

The world is changing. As a CPA, you’re well aware of that.

The need to keep up to date with an increasingly global and digital marketplace is just the start. CPAs must also anticipate and adapt their mindset and approach ahead of the successive changes that continually rock the financial world.

The digital journey

It’s been five years since CPA Canada was formed as part of the unification process. We continue to be focused on becoming more effective and efficient in delivering what you need.

For the last two years, we’ve been preparing for those changes by planning the way we will deliver information to all our members and stakeholders. We want you to get the information that’s relevant to you and the profession, and we want to deliver it the way you want it.

We asked, you answered

How do we know what you want? We asked. Our recent CPA Magazine Content Study captured feedback from members and students across the country on how to improve our services, especially when it came to content delivery.

One of the loudest messages we received from you was the preference to communicate digitally. You’re busy and on the go, and don’t want to be tethered to a desk or a bulky print product all the time. (Although, you still like getting the print magazine, which is great!)

It’s time to Pivot

For all these reasons, we are relaunching our print and digital magazine. CPA Magazine last appeared in print with the February/March issue. Starting May 7, look for the inaugural issue of Pivot magazine in your mail and inbox.

Pivot will be published six times per year. It will feature high-quality and relevant content focused on the business landscape, allowing you to better navigate your work world. Look for insights from—and in-depth analysis of—the people, organizations and ideas that are shaping business in our changing world.

That’s not all

In addition, we are launching a new online news hub in late April. This will supplement the magazine with useful, relevant stories that add a fresh CPA perspective on the business world. Delivered in real time, the hub will allow us to tackle timely topics and issues as they arise.

“The new hub and magazine will work together to give members more relevant and current information,” says Joy Thomas, president and CEO of CPA Canada. “We’re helping CPAs stay ahead of the curve and provide leadership in their organizations.”

Moving forward

This transformation will allow us to better understand what you need and when you want it. As you start your own journey through our new print and digital offerings, we’ll be paying attention, making sure to keep pace with you as your needs change. No matter which device you’re on or where you are, you deserve to have the information and stories you need at your fingertips. And, we’ll be here to deliver it.